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What We've Been Doing This Summer

(This post was originally published on theWolfram|Alpha Blog.)

So what's been happening withWolfram|Alphathis summer?A lot!

At a first glance,the website looks pretty much as it did when it first launched—with the straightforward input field.But inside that simple exterior an incredible amount has happened.Our development organization has been buzzing with activity all summer.In fact,it's clear from the metrics that the intensity is steadily rising,with things being added at an ever-increasing rate.

Wolfram|Alpha was always planned to be a very long-term project,and paced accordingly.We pushed very hard to get it launched before the summer so that we could spend the "quiet time"of our first summer steadily enhancing it,before more people start using it more intently in the fall.

Two really great things have happened as a result of actually getting Wolfram|Alpha launched.The first is that we've discovered that there's a huge community of people out there who want to help the mission of Wolfram|Alpha.And we're steadily ramping up our mechanisms for those people to contribute to the project.Continue reading

The First Week of Wolfram|Alpha: Thank You!

(This post was originally published on theWolfram|Alpha Blog.)

It's now a week since we officially launched Wolfram|Alpha into the world.

It's been a great first week.

Approaching 100 million queries.Lots of compliments.

But for me the most striking thing is how many people want to helpWolfram|Alphasucceed.

Making the world's knowledge computable is a huge undertaking.

And it's wonderful to see all the help we're being offered in doing it.

We've worked hard to construct a framework.But to realize the full promise of computable knowledge,we need a lot of input and support.Continue reading

Wolfram|Alpha Is Launching: Made Possible byMathematica

(This post was originally published on theWolfram|Alpha Blog.)

Starting later today,we'll be launchingWolfram|Alpha(you can see the proceedings on alive webcast).

This is a proud moment for us and for the wholeMathematicacommunity.(We hope the launch goes well!)

Wolfram|Alpha defines a new direction in computing—that would have simply not have been possible withoutMathematica,and that in time will add some remarkable new dimensions toMathematicaitself.

In terms of technology,Wolfram|Alpha is a uniquely complex software system,which has been entirely developed and deployed withMathematicaandMathematicatechnologies.
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7 years of NKS—and its first killer app

(This post was originally published on theWolfram Blog.)

May 14,2009 marks the 7thanniversary of the publication ofA New Kind of Science,and it has been my tradition on these anniversaries to write a short report on the progress of NKS.

It has been fascinating over the past few years to watch the progressive absorption of NKS methods and the NKS paradigm into countless different fields.Sometimes there's visible mention of NKS,though often there is not.

There has been an inexorable growth in the use of the types of models pioneered in NKS.There has been steadily increasing use of the kinds of 金宝博188投注computational experiments and investigations introduced in NKS.And the NKS way of thinking about computation and in terms of computation has become steadily more widespread.
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Wolfram|Alpha Is Coming!

(This post was originally published on theWolfram Blog.)

Some might say thatMathematicaandA New Kind of Scienceare ambitious projects.

But in recent years I've been hard at work on a still more ambitious project—calledWolfram|Alpha.

And I'm excited to say that in just two months it's going to be going live:

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